Deciding to compete in Bodybuilding is a huge commitment. With discipline, determination, and extreme dedication, competing can be one of the most rewarding experiences one has. Through proper diet manipulation and training technique, the body is able to reach unbelievable measures. From my own experience with competing, I have learned the power of believing in oneself. There will be several mental and physical obstacles along this journey but being able to complete it until the end made all the sacrifices worth it. I have gained confidence, wisdom, and the courage to chase after whatever I want in my personal life and professional life. Having the ability to follow through on such a challenging goal requires having a great support system. I have been blessed to work and learn from several very well-known and successful fitness influencers, and I have gained a passion to help others the way others have helped me. Having a coach in your corner be able to guide you and encourage you along the way is crucial for success.



Charlotte, NC


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