Whether it be for weight loss, weight gain, accountability, or just overall well-being, having a meal plan is very beneficial. These meal plans are very personalized and catered to each person's likes and dislikes. After each consultation, clients will receive a meal plan and every two weeks check in with me prior to getting their updated plan. This helps with adherence and keeping the meal plan fun and interesting.


Being in the gym without a plan in place can be very intimidating. Often times people will just go through the motions and call it a workout. These training ebooks are very detail-oriented to help clients reach their goals. With in-depth descriptions and strategic workout regimes, clients will be able to walk into the gym and execute a killer workout and really make a difference in their routine.


To maximize any health-related goals, training and nutrition have to go hand in hand. Without proper nutrition, your body won’t be able to change and without workouts, you won’t be able to shape your physique. With proper nutrition and intense workouts, clients will be able to achieve results faster.


4 Weeks (2 Updates) $100

8 Weeks (4 Updates) $180

12 Weeks (6 Updates) $260


Glute eBook $50

Upper Body eBook $60

Lower Body eBook $60

Fullbody Conditioning eBook $60


4 Weeks (2 Updates) $150

8 Weeks (4 Updates) $275

12 Weeks (6 Updates) $400


12 Week Prep $600

16 Week Prep $750

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